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Who do you turn to when your commercial roof in Akron needs maintenance?

The answer is Warren Roofing®.

Akron is a blue-collar town, with tough weather to match.  When it comes to commercial roofing, you want a company that can install and maintain your commercial roof so that it gives you and your business the ultimate in protection and durability.  Warren Roofing® & Insulating Co. is Northeast Ohio’s top commercial roofing company, and we’re ready for your job.  Whether we’re installing a brand new commercial roof system, or maintaining your current roof to extend its life, Warren Roofing® has the technology and expertise you need to handle your commercial roofing needs. Contact us today to schedule your rooftop inspection!

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Warren Roofing® is Akron's single-ply roofing leader.

Whether you are looking for a TPO, PVC or EPDM system, Warren Roofing® has the technology in place to install your single-ply commercial roofing system safely and efficiently.  The commercial roofing industry moves fast around Akron,  and our crew is educated on the latest techniques so we are ready to adapt, no matter what application your roof needs.  We work with the top names in single ply: Carlisle, Firestone, FiberTite, Johns Manville, Siplast and Tremco.  When it comes to proficiency and knowledge with singe-ply roofing- you’ll like what you hear from Warren Roofing®.

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Warren Roofing® finds the option that works for you.

While single-ply roofing dominates the commercial skyscape in cities like Akron, Warren Roofing® does more than single-ply Roofing.  Modified bitumen roofs and built-up roofs are two of the three main types of flat roofing systems, in addition to single-ply. Modified bitumen roof systems are heat welded, self-adhered, or installed with cold process adhesives and are a two-ply system made of asphalt that has been modified with either rubber or plastic. Unlike a singly-ply roof, this type of system is applied in overlapping rolls.  Built-up roofs are comprised of layers of tar and gravel which creates a seal over the roof that is watertight. Both modified bitumen and built-up roofing systems are designed to provide thorough protection from the elements as well as completely waterproof the roof.  CertainTeedDerbigumGarland, and Soprema– you name the brand and we’ve got the know how to make it work for you!  Call us to see which roofing system might work best for your project!

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Liquid applied waterproofing is here, Akron.

There was a time when Liquid Applied Waterproofing was exclusive to European contractors, but that time has since passed.  For the last 30 years, Warren Roofing® has been perfecting the technique and bringing it to rooftops all over Northeast Ohio. Whether used in a preventative setting or as a complete roofing system, Warren can apply Liquid Applied Waterproofing to single-ply, modified bitumen and built-up roofing systems to protect and restore your commercial roofing surface. Find out if liquid applied waterproofing works for your roof!

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