Collinwood Laundry

The View: Cleveland Clinic’s Collinwood Laundry Facility

Cleaning up With a New Partner

Collinwood Laundry case study folderIn 2018, The Cleveland Clinic announced that it was going to partner with Evergreen Cooperative Laundry (ECL) to bring about 100 new jobs to their laundry facility in Cleveland’s Collinwood neighborhood. The clinic is the largest employer in Cuyahoga County, and anytime they move into a neighborhood, the impact is felt, but when they combine their power with a company like ECL, that’s dedicated to making an impact, it’s very important to all those looking for employment. With this new partnership came a renewed commitment to the current facility, and that meant a commitment to a new roof. Warren Roofing® was very excited to be the team that was tasked with that opportunity.

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The Job

Warren Roofing® was contracted to tear off the old roof and replace it with roofing and new sheet metal constructions.

The Challenge

Your dryer at home has a screen in it designed to trap lint. Imagine how much lint you would have if you did an estimated 19 million pounds of laundry each year. At a laundromat, many of those cotton fibers that come together to form lint end up on the roof and that means that there are some roofing techniques that would be impossible to perform because of fire risks.

The Team

Project Manager: John ArsenaJohn Arsena

The Crew: Six team members worked on the project

The Status: The project was started in June of 2019 and ended in December of 2019.

The Process

For a rooftop like the one found at the Collinwood Laundry building, a heat application roofing membrane would be perfect. For that type of application, a torch is run across the seams to melt the membrane to the surface and seal all cracks and separations. There is only one problem: applying a torch to the Collinwood Laundry building roof would be impossible because of the lint accumulated along the rooftop. The lint would almost certainly burst into flames and cause damage to the building. The team went to another popular roofing method that works for this type of situation: peel and stick roofing.

Peel and stick roofing doesn’t adhere as well to the rooftop, so the temporary membrane was susceptible to leaks while it was being applied.  These conditions meant that the crew needed to work quickly to reduce exposure to water and the elements.

After the old roof was torn off, the Warren team put down a dense deck and a Carlisle VapAir Seal 725TR Air and Vapor Barrier/Temporary Roof. For prolonged roofing projects or one like this project where the peel and stick membrane would leave the roof exposed, the temporary roof is vital. The peel and stick membrane was applied on top of that temporary roof to form the permanent seal and ensure maximum protection against the elements.

The Results

When you’ve got a company that cares about the community the way ESL and Cleveland Clinic do, you want to give them the best quality facility possible. By thinking outside the box and coming up with a safe solution for both our team and the building itself, Warren Roofing® gave the Collinwood Laundry facility a great fresh start. With a 20 year warranty, it will be quite some time before they’ll have to think about a new roof!

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