Tallmadge Middle School

A Pop Quiz in Innovative Commercial Roofing

Since 1960, young people in Tallmadge, Ohio had been arriving at the same building each day for middle school. It was a building that served the community well for many years, but time had taken its toll, and the district announced that in 2019 it would be opening a brand new facility for the community to take advantage of. Enter the all-new Tallmadge Middle School. The school is simply breathtaking. Giant windows provide natural light that many older facilities miss out on. The entrance to the school is modern and unique and a welcoming sight for all who come through its doors. A giant peaked roof covers the entrance and is the signature feature of the entire design. When the architects needed the roof installed for the new building, they called on Warren Roofing® to finish the project.

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The Job


Warren Roofing® was tasked with installing the rooftop on this new project.

The Challenge


That unique, sharply-pitched rooftop provides a stunning visual for visitors. It harkens back to the old bell towers that used to stand tall above learning institutions in generations past. But, the sharp angles that form the peak make it a challenging roof installation. Warren’s team couldn’t stand on that portion of the roof without the danger of slipping. And, to make matters more complicated, this project began during yet another brutal Cleveland winter of ice, rain, and snow. Those weather conditions don’t make navigating slippery surfaces any easier. The team at Warren Roofing® needed to study hard if they wanted to pass the test provided by the architecture of the new Tallmadge Middle School.

The Team


Project Manager: John Arsena John Arsena

The Crew: One team of six people

The Status: The project was started in the fall of 2018 and wrapped up in the spring of 2019.

The Process


Winter innovation is something that Clevelanders know all too well. It started with our mothers creating makeshift boots by wrapping our feet in grocery bags and stuffing them into our shoes when we hadn’t bought winter boots in time. The Warren team paid a little tribute to those Cleveland moms by wearing special shoes called Cougar Paws to help them gain traction while working on the roof. The boots, using a principle similar to mountain climbing boots, provided extra grip that helped keep the team safe.

The team installed a vapor lock roofing barrier from Versico, designed for metal slopes, to prevent moisture from getting trapped under the surface. A layer of Firestone roofing insulation was screwed down on top, and then a TPO roofing membrane was put in place to complete the project. TPO is a single-ply commercial roofing membrane that is heat reflective and energy efficient while providing resistance to environmental conditions that can damage rooftops.

The Results


A beautiful new school like the Tallmadge Middle School deserves a rooftop that not only looks great but will provide high-quality performance. The weather conditions that the Warren team endured during this installation are typical for a Cleveland winter, and the roof will have to withstand many of those along the way. The materials selected will be under warranty for the next 20 years. That means that the children of today’s students will be getting ready for middle school before that roof needs to be replaced.

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