Trumbull Memorial Hospital

The View: Trumbull Memorial Hospital

The ER Doesn’t Stop for Roof Repairs

Trumbull Memorial Hospital is a bustling place that serves hundreds of Trumbull County residents every day. When they called Warren Roofing® about getting a new deck and membrane on the roof, they had some ambitious renovation plans. Among them would be installing a $100k skylight to let some natural light into the facility. This was all well within the skill set of our team. But, doing it all while keeping an emergency room and hospital fully functioning below presented some problems. There would be no temporary shutdown to get the job accomplished. It would be business as usual for the hospital staff, and that meant that our team would have to work carefully and quickly to help keep things moving for the hospital.

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The Job

Replace the current roof and deck and install a gigantic skylight.

The Challenge

Bringing Aid to a Rooftop Emergency

Have you ever tried to keep things hush while working with a concrete roof deck? Roofing projects are messy, and things can get dusty and dirty, which doesn’t bode well with a sanitary medical environment. Couple that with the fact that the roof would have a giant hole in it while this huge skylight installation was being performed, and this was not going to be any ordinary install for team Warren. Our crew was going to have to come up with some innovative solutions to get this job completed.

The Team

John VetrovskyProject Manager: John Vetrovsky

The Crew: An eight-person crew was used to complete the project

The Status: The job was started in March of 2019 and work was completed in September of 2019

The Process

Originally the Warren team was going to be replacing about a third of the deck. By the time we were done, we ended up replacing the entire thing. There was a crew member assigned to work inside the building at all times, ensuring that no one was underneath the massive concrete deck as work was in process. As you can imagine, there are some high-traffic areas in the hospital, so a safety coordinator worked with the staff to ensure that everyone was safe as work progressed. There was also interior protection put in place, not just for physical protection of people, but for protection against dust and debris. Our team was particularly careful to make sure that this was a clean worksite and that environmental threats were kept out of the atmosphere inside the hospital’s patient areas.

The area for the skylight left the interior of the hospital open and exposed to the elements each day, and that left the potential for water to leak in or rain to shower directly into the hospital. To protect the building’s interior, a temporary roof was installed at the end of each workday to protect the building.

A Tremco POWERply® Standard Smooth System was selected as the new roof of choice. This is a modified bitumen system, and it is considered to be a heavy-duty system that is able to last for a long time in extreme weather conditions. There were also drains, piping, and overflow drains installed on the roof to help keep a roof’s number one enemy, moisture, from damaging the surface. Then, there was that magnificent skylight to install. The team worked carefully to protect the masterpiece from damage and performed a seamless installation, creating one gorgeous view!

The Results

This project was never just about getting the new roof in place. It was about getting one in place without drawing too much attention to the giant project underway. To pull this project off without disrupting the day-to-day operation of the hospital was an amazing feat. The crew was very proud to say that not one area of the hospital, not even the pharmacy area where the skylight was being installed, had to shut down during the process. That is the attention to detail and customer concern that has made Warren Roofing® Cleveland’s top choice for commercial roofing for decades.

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