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Many businesses across the United States, and right here in Cleveland, choose standing seam metal roofing systems for their buildings. Metal roofs are increasingly popular for their durability and strength, as well as their sleek appearance and design. However, while metal is inherently tough, a metal roof is not immune to wear and tear. Like any roofing system, your building’s metal roof will need to be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure its structural integrity and performance. Metal roofing installation requires a knowledgeable and qualified contractor and so do metal roofing repairs. Work with a professional and highly skilled commercial roofing company like Warren Roofing® to address your building’s metal roofing repair needs.

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Many issues with a metal roofing system stem from installation and building movement. These issues often lead to leaks in your metal roof that must be corrected. Repairs can be required due to issues like deteriorated flashing, seam issues, and loose fasteners:

  • Metal roofing panels are prone to expansion and contraction, which can put stress on your roof at the points of attachment. This stress can lead to water entry in your roof.
  • Sheet metal panels are given a protective coating during installation, but over time, the coating can wear away. When this occurs, the metal panels may rust. Rust over time can lead to problems as severe as structural failure.
  • Metal roofs use a combination of exposed and concealed fasteners, typically nails or screws. The high winds in Northeast Ohio can cause metal roofing panels to vibrate and the fasteners to loosen and uplift.

The Warren Roofing® team will thoroughly inspect your metal roofing system and identify any of these issues or other necessary repairs. We also look carefully for signs of any undetected problems and help to resolve them before they create more significant issues later on. We employ a crew of experienced sheet metal fabricators that have the precision, skill, and tools to fully restore your metal roof. They bring a quality of work that is unmatched by other Cleveland commercial roofing contractors.

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If your metal roofing system needs to be repaired, make sure you hire the best commercial roofing contractor in Cleveland. Warren Roofing® will provide peace of mind that your building is protected and safe for your employees, your clients, and your business operations. If you have concerns about the integrity of your metal roof or want to schedule an inspection, please contact the experts at Warren Roofing®.

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