Questions to Ask a Roofing Contractor

July 18th, 2022

Make the Right Choice for Your Commercial Roofing Project

By Curtis Cost, Past President of Warren Roofing®

As a commercial building owner, one of the biggest building investments you will make over time is the effective care and maintenance of your building’s roof. The success of your investment will reside in your selecting the best roofing contractor for you and your property. Commercial roofing contractors come in all sizes. They also provide varying levels of experience. Choosing the best roofing contractor should be discovered in the answers to the following questions.


  • Do you actively install roofs of this nature on buildings like this building?
  • How long have you been engaged in this type of business?
  • How many roofs like this do you typically maintain/replace in a year?
  • Are you an authorized and approved contractor with the manufacturer of this roof to work on and repair/replace in kind? In addition, which roofing manufacturers are you an authorized applicator to perform warranted work?


  • How many full-time roofing field workers do you employ? What is their average number of years working for your company?
  • How many employees are on your full-time office staff? Who would I contact in case of an emergency?  What kind of response time would I receive on an emergency call?  Is there a way to be put on a priority list in times of widespread bad weather when everyone will be calling for service?
  • How are your field workers safety trained? Is everyone who works for you covered by workers’ compensation and general liability insurance?


  • Who is your insurance company?  Can I be added to your list of “additional insured?”
  • Who is your banking connection?  
  • What are your credit terms with customers?
  • Can you be bonded on the work you perform?
  • What are the levels of long-term manufacturer’s warranties that you can provide? Are they NDL (No Dollar Limit)?

The answers to these straightforward questions will guide you to the strength, reliability, capability, and professionalism of each roofing contractor you review. The answers should be simple for a professional commercial roofing contractor in the industry to provide.

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