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The process of replacing a commercial roof is something that is rarely anticipated or experienced in one’s working life.  Replacing a commercial roof is a process that typically has a twenty year recurrence cycle and generally confronts the owner with a wide range of options and decisions that must be navigated. The expectations and treatment a building owner expects and receives when contacting Warren Roofing and Insulating is a professional, building specific, value oriented, and successful process from the first meeting to the final completion.

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Warren Roofing is a member of the National Roofing Contractors Association and partners with all the largest and most respected general contractors in Greater Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.

A team that values professionalism.

Professional treatment begins with a fully trained office staff that has the means and methods to provide courteous, timely, and comprehensive quotations for everything from simple maintenance …to the full roof replacement. Once working, the project will be manned with trained field workmen who are continually being upgraded in safety, quality, and the specific materials and techniques for the roof style they are repairing/replacing. The objective of this professional treatment is to build long term relationships with owners by delivering “cloud based” documentation along with a long term, full value, labor and material warranty.

Superior attention to detail, job conditions and project needs.

Warren Roofing Project managers will need to closely examine the building, its roof, its operations, and listen to the building owner’s concerns and needs. The scope of the project will be guided by what existing conditions dictate with regards to access, safety, roof preparation, style of roof, and specific job conditions.  These job specific conditions need to be balanced with the owner’s short and long term needs.  The range of options when replacing a roof is considerable.  Reliable determinations are rooted in Warren’s 95 years of continuous operations where roof installations have ranged from the older built up hot asphalt/tar applications, to single ply membranes like PVC, TPO, and EPDM, and now the newer technologies of cold process built up roofing and synthetic reinforced acrylic and epoxy membranes.  Couple these various roof systems with numerous styles of roof insulations and “R” values available, and the multitude of finished surfaces that include solar arrays, walking/promenade decks, and “green” roofing …and the options are limitless.

A commitment to truly listening to our clients.

Warren Roofing balances the myriad of roof options with each owner’s needs and interests.  Warren understands that a simple straight forward project scope begins with listening…and then guiding the owner to arrive at a successful project scope and ultimate completion.  Warren’s long experience in commercial roofing includes a large resource of “intangible” values that range from insurability, banking relationships, bond ability, and extensive safety training.  A testament to Warren’s experience is an EMR rating of .5, a maximum discount rating from the Ohio Bureau of Workmen’s Compensation, bonding limits that meet or exceed project requirements, and a long list of happy repeat customers who combine to make Warren Roofing and Insulating Company the #1 leader in commercial roofing contractors in Northeast Ohio.

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