Why Safety Matters to Warren Roofing®

Safety First—It’s Not Just a Slogan

When Warren Roofing® gets hired for a project, we aren’t looking for ways to get a project done as quickly as possible. Efficiency and safety are the top priorities we have when it comes to assessing scope. The National AGC Safety Awards recognized us with their Contractors Safety Award, meaning that we are 25% below the national average rate for Lost Time Safety Incidents (LTSI). The bottom line? We just want to make sure that we get your project done the right way and that means keeping people safe.

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A Commitment Reflected by Our Customers and Our Team

We’re not big into lip service. We’d rather let others tell our story. Over the course of 95 years, we’ve maintained an excellent performance record, and our repeat customers convey that message whenever they can. You don’t get that reputation by cutting corners on safety. But perhaps our greatest testament to our commitment to safety comes from the Cleveland Plain Dealer, who has recognized us as one of the Top Workplaces in the city. That’s a recognition you wouldn’t get from a commercial roofer who put its crews in danger or asked them to be responsible for conditions that put a building’s inhabitants in danger or peril. We will do your job the right way, and that means doing it the safe way!

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