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Leading Commercial Roofing Installer in Cleveland

Warren Roofing® is the leading provider of commercial roofing systems in Northeast Ohio. We work with major manufacturers of single ply, modified bitumen, and built-up roofing systems and have the advanced technology and expertise to install these systems with the highest degree of quality and precision.

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Single Ply TPO, PVC, EPDM systems.

Single-ply roofing continues to be the fastest growing and largest segment of commercial roofing systems being installed today. The technology used in the manufacturing and installation of these systems continues to improve, and Warren Roofing® has stayed ahead of the curve. We continue to invest in the latest single-ply commercial roofing system technologies and training, and work with major single-ply roofing manufacturers including Carlisle, Firestone, FiberTite, Johns Manville, Siplast and Tremco.

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Flat Roof Installation

Warren Roofing® is Cleveland’s number one choice for commercial flat roof installation. Whether you are thinking about a single-ply roofing system or a modified bitumen alternative, Warren Roofing® has the solutions you need to put a roof on your building that can withstand all of the elements Cleveland weather can produce. With products from industry leaders like CertainTeedDerbigumGarland, and SOPREMA, Warren Roofing® produces the results you deserve from a commercial roofer.

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Modified bitumen + built-up systems.

Modified bitumen roofs and built-up roofs are two of the three main types of flat roofing systems, in addition to single ply. Modified bitumen roof systems are heat welded, self-adhered, or installed with cold process adhesives and are a two-ply system made of asphalt that has been modified with either rubber or plastic. This type of system, unlike a single-ply roof, is applied in overlapping rolls. Until single-ply roofing systems were developed, built-up roofs were the most common type of flat roof system. Built-up roofs are comprised of layers of tar and gravel which creates a seal over the roof that is watertight. Both modified bitumen and built-up roofing systems are designed to provide thorough protection from the elements as well as completely waterproof the roof. Warren Roofing® works with leading manufacturers in the Modified/Built-Up segments of the market, including CertainTeed, Derbigum, Garland, and Soprema.

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Liquid applied waterproofing systems.

Over the past 30 years in Europe, Liquid Applied Waterproofing Systems have been perfected. This technology has made its way into mainstream commercial roofing practices in the United States. Warren Roofing® installs Liquid Applied Coatings on Single-Ply, Modified Bitumen, and Built-Up roofing systems as a solution to difficult details, as well as installs them as complete roofing systems in some cases.

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Proud to be the premier commercial roofing installer in Northeast Ohio.

Warren Roofing® has the expertise, the technology, and the training to successfully install a variety of commercial roofing systems, delivering the highest degree of quality and precision. Whether you are looking for a Single-Ply, Modified Bitumen, Built-Up or Liquid Applied Coatings commercial roofing system, Warren Roofing® is the best choice for the job. We are proud of our reputation as the premier commercial roofing contractor in Northeast Ohio and it shows in our work.

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