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For Modified Bitumen roofing projects in Cleveland, building owners and supervisors know who to trust, and that’s Warren Roofing®. We use only the highest quality roofing materials from names you know like Tremco, Johns Manville, Derbigum, Garland, and Soprema. But it’s not just the quality of the materials. It’s the experts we put on your rooftop. Our team is trained on the latest techniques and strategies, as well as the latest in project safety. When Warren Roofing® is on the job, you are getting the highest quality and most efficient project you can find in Northeast Ohio. So get your free quote today and start your journey to a new modified bitumen roof!

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Why Modified Bitumen?

In a word: Durability. Modified Bitumen is known to be incredibly durable, and is extremely resistant to leaks because of its two-ply application. With a total thickness of around 8.0mm and staggered laps, this system is almost impervious to water. They are usually made from a combination of tar asphalt and either rubber or plastic, and they are extremely tough. They have a history of lasting for an extended amount of time and, provided you are getting regular seasonal inspections, you can expect this rooftop to perform and look great for years to come. Modified Bitumen might work for you, but to assess that, you’ll need an inspection from Warren Roofing®. Schedule your consultation today!

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We are ready to go to work on your roof. Contact Warren Roofing® and put our 100 years of Cleveland roofing experience into action for you. Our experts are ready to install a durable, leakproof Modified Bitumen roof for you today. Get started with an assessment and quote, and let the pros at Warren Roofing® restore your roof with Modified Bitumen.

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