Common Commercial Roof Repairs

The Most Common Commercial Roof Repairs

Why Cleveland Building Owners Call Warren Roofing®

Warren Roofing® is no stranger to even the most complex roofing issues. Our team is equipped with the knowledge, experience, and processes to handle all necessary repairs and maintenance on your building’s roofing system. Because there are so many different types of commercial roofing installation, there are many different repairs that could be needed depending on your specific roof, whether it is flat, single-ply, or another type of roofing system.

The following are some of the most common commercial roof repairs performed by Warren Roofing®.

Roof Leak Repairs

When water penetrates your building’s roof, you have a major problem on your hands. It is so important to identify and address any leaks early on before water can find its way into your building. A leak may be caused by the use of the wrong materials or improper installation. Whatever the cause, Warren Roofing® will identify the source of the leak and perform thorough commercial leak repair services.

Standing or Ponding Water Repairs

Ponding water is defined as any water that remains on a rooftop for 48 hours or longer without draining. This issue is most often found on flat roofing systems that were not installed with the adequate slope to allow water to drain properly. Ponding water that is not addressed can cause issues like roofing deck deflection—due to the weight of the load on the roof—as well as mold and algae growth. To eliminate any standing water, our crew will address any issues with your roof’s structural frame and drainage components.

Roof Shingle Repairs

In Northeast Ohio, we can experience extreme weather conditions ranging from blizzards to thunderstorms with high winds. Unfortunately, these conditions can create roof blow-off on our city’s commercial buildings. This occurs when the adhesive holding your roofing materials in place fails and allows weak roofing materials like shingles to be blown off. Warren Roofing® will make sure that any new shingles are installed correctly, with the proper amount of adhesive, and are designed to withstand the Cleveland elements going forward.

Roof Flashing Repairs

Flashing performs an essential function as part of your commercial roof system: It is the barrier between water and any openings—like windows, doors, and exterior joints—on your roof. One of the most common causes of damaged flashing is shrinkage. When temperatures swing between freezing and high heat, roofing materials can shrink or expand. As materials shrink, the flashing can pull away from the surface of your roof and leave it vulnerable to water infiltration. Warren Roofing® performs high-quality flashing repairs and installation services.

Repairs Due to a Lack of Maintenance

All too often, the repairs we are called to provide could have been prevented with regular roofing maintenance. Routine roof inspections can detect and address issues like water beginning to pond, flashing that is coming loose, or shingles that are starting to curl or deteriorate before they become a major—and costly—issue. We recommend sticking to a regular commercial roofing maintenance program to maintain the integrity and safety of your roof and prevent expensive repairs in the future.

What concerns do you have about your commercial roof? Contact Warren Roofing® today for a full inspection to determine any necessary repairs.

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Most commercial roof repairs can be attributed to a lack of maintenance, the use of improper materials, and poor installation or workmanship. When you work with Warren Roofing®, you can rest assured that the structural integrity of your roof is in good hands. Aside from commercial roof repairs, we also provide roofing installation services and an ongoing maintenance program. Let us know what you need and how we can help.

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