Diplomat Condominiums Case Study

The View: Diplomat Condominiums, Shaker Heights

Warren Roofing® Diplomat Condominiums Case StudyDiplomat Condominiums in Shaker Heights, Ohio, is a beautiful and exclusive complex.  The Diplomat was born in 1960, but it has undergone extensive upgrades and has amenities that make it a desirable location to this day.  It has great proximity to Downtown Cleveland, but Shaker Heights itself is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Greater Cleveland for families and young professionals alike.

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The Challenge: A Unique Warranty Situation

A standard roofing warranty is 20 years.  Sometimes a company will feel extra comfortable and extend the warranty to 30 years.  In this case, DERBIGUM Americas, Inc., one of the premier modified bitumen roofing system manufacturers in the country, had extended a 40-year warranty on the product.  This was largely because there was a well-known roofing consultant on site for the entire process.  If a warranty is going to last for 40 years, the install had better get the relationship started off correctly.

The install was a difficult one, but the crew at Warren Roofing® found some unique and innovative ways to take care of the issues and perform a flawless installation.

The Team:

Nate Arp

Project Manager: Nate Arp

The Crew: 6-7 team members from Warren Roofing®

The Status: 5 month job, completed in 2016.

The Process:

Every building the team at Warren Roofing® visits is unique.  There are always challenges specific to each install that keep the crews on their toes and looking for new ideas and innovations to make the job go correctly.  The Diplomat was no different.

The rooftop patio at The Diplomat is a draw for tenants looking to move into the property, but it can be a nightmare for the roofing crew. Tearing off the old roof required some serious coordination efforts between Warren Roofing® and two major subcontractors.  There were sliding glass and French doors in place on the roof that had to be removed and replaced.  There was also rooftop masonry work that had to be destroyed and then rebuilt after installation, and there were guardrails that had to be installed around the perimeter of the roof to restore it to safety codes.

The old roof itself was a tough tear-off because it was an inverted IRMA roof design.  These roofs last longer because the design prevents the membrane from seeing daylight and protects it from damage, but it makes tear-off a little more complicated than some other roofing designs.


The Results:

So how did it work out for the team?  The owners of The Diplomat were so thrilled with the install that they contracted the team at Warren for preventative maintenance work on the roof. The feedback from the most important people of all, the condominium owners’ association, was stellar as well.

The job paid off with a tremendous piece of recognition.  The team was recognized with the “Excellence in Roofing” award from the RCI Ohio Valley Chapter.  It’s always nice to be associated with a job well done by your peers.

Another day, another tough project completed by the team of professionals at Warren Roofing®.

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