McGregor PACE at Forest Hill

The View: McGregor PACE at Forest Hill

Keeping PACE with Cleveland’s Seniors

McGregor PACE’s program is a nationwide leader in providing senior care. Their goal is to keep seniors active and healthy, helping them stay in their homes for as long as possible before moving into a full-time care facility like McGregor Amasa care facility. When McGregor PACE acquired the 42,000 square foot Board of Developmental Disabilities building from Cuyahoga County, it gave them a huge building for outpatient therapy services and offices for their growing staff. They also planned on adding an addition in front of the building that would serve as a canopy over the drive and entranceway. Warren would be working on the rooftop of the existing space as well as the new buildout.

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The Job

Warren Roofing® was hired to do roofing modifications around existing HVAC units on the roof as well as putting a metal roof on the new canopy addition.

The Challenge

Carrying the Torch With Nerves of Steel

The modified bitumen roofing modifications on the existing rooftop were performed using a torch-applied membrane. Anytime you are using an open flame on an occupied building, there are safety concerns. There were also timing concerns. The metal panels used for the addition in front of the building took a long time to arrive, and our team wondered if we would receive them in time to get the job done.

The Team

Aaron ChamberlainProject Manager: Aaron Chamberlain

The Crew: No more than four Warren Roofing® team members worked on this project at any given time

The Status: The project started in July of 2019 and ended in October of 2019

The Process

The work began with the modifications to the existing roof being completed before the roof was constructed on the new addition. The existing roof was cut, inserts were installed and then flashed back to the existing system. The existing system was modified, and a DERBIGUM modified asphalt roofing system was installed using a torch-applied process. The torches used to apply the membranes can reach temperatures of up to 3000०F. The temperatures generated by the torches have been known to start fires that might smolder out of sight, only to burst into flames later when unattended. The team wore standard protective gear to protect themselves but also had to pay special attention to make sure that there was no combustible equipment on the rooftop and that all hoses were disconnected at the end of the day. There is an extra danger when working around the new HVAC units because the flames can actually be sucked back into the interior of the building, so the team was on alert when working around those new installations. 

The new part of the building would provide its own challenges. The architects working on the addition selected 7.2 rib metal panels for the roof. Once the steelwork for the addition was completed, there were drawings done for the roof, and it took nearly four weeks to get the panels in. The entire project only took three months to complete, so a four-week delay put things behind quite a bit. Despite this setback, the team from Warren Roofing® rallied to get the project done on time, and the new addition was in place in plenty of time to protect visitors to the facility from the elements coming during the winter.

The Results

McGregor PACE invested about $2.5 million in the purchase of this building, and the modifications to the existing roof helped make that purchase an even better investment. The new addition is incredibly important because many of the people who will be visiting the center are elderly citizens who are coming for physical therapy. The entrance to the facility has to be safe and secure despite the elements. With this new addition and the steel roof applied by Warren Roofing®, the Forest Hill therapy center will help Cleveland’s senior population on the path towards healing for years to come.

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