Moreland Hills Police Department

The View: The Moreland Hills Police Department

Metal to Protect the Shield

The Moreland Hills community is always ranked among the best in the country. Their citizens are proud to be able to offer visitors and new residents an opportunity to experience small-town Americana just outside the city of Cleveland. Even their government buildings have a small-town feel. A compound plays host to several houses that have been refurbished to be community offices. On this property, you’ll find City Hall in one house, a service building in another, and the police department in still another of the dwellings. When that police station rooftop started to show wear and tear and give way to leaks and water damage, the team at Warren Roofing® was called in to bring some big-city experience to the small-town structure.

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The Job

Retrofit the current roof with a new metal roof.

The Challenge

The Genius Is in the Details

Every employee that hits a rooftop for Warren Roofing® is a master craftsman. So, when this project came along, our most experienced sheet metal workers knew that they would be tapped on the shoulder and asked to step up and tackle this job. Anytime you are applying a metal roof, there are details that must be addressed in order to make it look and perform the way it was designed to. In order to protect the building, our team would need a great strategy and to perform this metal roof installation with the acumen that comes with years of roofing experience.

The Team

John VetrovskyProject Manager: John Vetrovsky

The Crew: Six to ten team members worked on the project

The Status: Job was started in November of 2018 and ended in June of 2019

The Process

The rooftop flashing had started to give way on the Moreland Police Department, and it was time for a retrofit. Adding to the challenge of the intricate steelwork that would be required to complete the job was the fact that a large portion of the rooftop didn’t have much access. The crew also had to remember that below them were police officers working hard to take care of the citizens of the area, and they couldn’t be disturbed by a lot of noise and distractions.

The crew decided that the best way to proceed with the retrofit was to put the new steel over the existing insulation. The Tremco metal roofing panels that were installed required a metal grid system to be in place first. The grid enables the roofing panels to rest about an inch above the existing roofing deck, and that’s where the detail work began. The team placed the metal sheets in the grid and sealed all gaps, protecting the roof from water damage. As Project Manager John Vetrovsky put it, “this just wasn’t the type of job that was going to go fast, and you knew that going in.” At the end of the day, the experienced team at Warren Roofing® was able to finish the project and provide the Moreland Police Department with a stunning new roof!

The Results

There is probably no more important building to a municipality than the police department. That’s why this job was so important to the team at Warren Roofing®. But it couldn’t be rushed. To do this job right meant using keen attention to detail to get the roof accomplished correctly. For the next 20 years, the officers of the Moreland Police Department will be protected from the elements.

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