Quicken Loans Arena Case Study

The View: Quicken Loans Arena

Warren Roofing® Puts a New Crown on The King's Castle

Warren Roofing® Quicken Loans Arena Case StudyQuicken Loans Arena is a high-profile case. There aren’t many roofing projects out there that are going to be showcased on national television with aerial shots from the Goodyear blimp. With the media attention that comes with winning championships and having the greatest basketball player in the world (yeah, we might be a little biased), there is also attention paid to the arena that is home to the team. When you are bidding for things like all-star games and other events outside of basketball the appearance of your arena is very important.

Quicken Loans Arena is one of the older arenas in the league. It just celebrated its 23rd birthday. It makes sense that a roof would need some work after having a run like that. Couple age with the environmental factors that our cold winters bring, and it was time to give the rooftop a facelift.

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The Job:

Restore the massive, curved, upper-roof surface and replace the lower roofs. The arena was built in 1994 and this is the first major renovation to the roof since that time.

The Challenge: The Wrath of Lake Erie

The biggest challenge to the team as they took on the task of repairing and replacing the massive rooftop was the Cleveland weather. As you can imagine, being a roofer in Cleveland means braving the elements to be successful and stay on task for your clients. The cold, brisk breezes blowing in from the lakefront can not only make it uncomfortable temperature-wise, but the powerful gusts can be dangerous to the crew working high above the Cleveland skyline.

The Team:

John Vetrovsky

Project Manager: John Vetrovsky

The Crew: 10 team members from Warren Roofing®. Also contracted work to Total Roofing Services to supplement as needed, bringing total to about 18 workers.

The Status: Started in October 2016. Wrapping up by end of 2017.

The Process:

John selected the Tremco Alpha Guard Roof Restoration System to complete the job. The process started with a machine that is used to clean the roof. A unique feature of this system is that it filters the water from the roof before sending it down the drain. The roof can collect water that is contaminated by acid rain and other environmental toxins. This process reduces the impact of the water on the ecosystem.

After cleaning the roof, a primer coat was applied, followed by three applications of Alpha Guard MT to weatherproof, seal and coat the surface. The roof is curved and can be very slippery, so to increase traction, the final coat was infused with sand to help with grip for those who must perform rooftop services.


The Results:

The results have been phenomenal. The Quicken Loans Arena tenants couldn’t be happier, and the roof looks great and ready for those aerial close-ups as the team gets ready to raise another banner, just under their restored roof.

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