Shaker Heights High School Case Study

The View: Shaker Heights High School

Delivering Quality on Time

Shaker Heights High School project folderShaker Heights High School is one of the top public high schools in Greater Cleveland. The sprawling brick building is also a classic piece of Cleveland architecture, with more than 300,000 square feet of classrooms, learning spaces, athletic facilities, and auditoriums.

The existing roof had not been replaced in more than 25 years and was in need of total replacement, as well as drainage system upgrades, to preserve its structural integrity and ensure it was ready to serve the school community in the upcoming 2020-2021 school year.

The Job

Commercial Roof Replacement

Warren Roofing® was hired by our partner Gilbane Building Company, who served as the general contractor on the project, to replace the existing roof of the high school building, adjust current drainage systems, and ensure proper water drainage from the roof.

The Challenge

Adhering to Tight Deadlines

When working on a school building, the job must be completed in a short time frame—usually during the summer—in order to be ready for the anticipated return of students, faculty, and staff. In this case, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Warren Roofing® was called to the job site several months early in March rather than the normal start of summer break. With a shortened window for preparation, Warren Roofing® rose to the challenge, adjusting internal work schedules and preparing the crew to tackle the job.

The Team

Nate Arp

Commercial Roofing Crew

Project Manager: Nate Arp

The Crew: At any given time, there were 12 Warren Roofing® crew members working on this project.

The Status: The first phase of the project was completed in the summer of 2019. The next phase of the project began in early spring 2020 and was completed in August of 2020.

The Process

New Rubber Roofing System Installation

Warren Roofing® did a complete tear off and replacement of the school’s aging flat roof system. Our crews installed a 30-year Carlisle Syntec EPDM Membrane roof, an extremely durable and resilient synthetic rubber roofing system designed for low slope roofs like those commonly used on school buildings. 

Over time, the existing roof had begun to show evidence of drainage problems. During the new rubber roof installation, Warren Roofing® also installed tapered roof insulation in several areas. Tapered roofing is used to create the proper slope, or pitch, to allow water to drain properly. This helped to ensure that the high school would not have issues with poor drainage or leaks going forward.

One unique aspect of the school’s roofing system was the existing slate roof over the front entrance. In the roofing industry, slate roofs are a dying breed and many roofing companies no longer replace them due to a lack of skill or knowledge. For Shaker Heights High School, the slate roof is an integral element of the building’s original architecture. Warren Roofing® carefully replaced the slate roof, keeping with the historic tradition of the building and maintaining its consistent appearance with other buildings in the Shaker Heights School District.

The Results

Quality Backed by Warranty

Along with delivering the high quality that clients have come to expect, Warren Roofing® completed the job on schedule, which was the primary goal of Gilbane and the Shaker Heights School District. Shaker Heights High School now has a new roofing system with a 30-year warranty. The building will serve the needs of the school district for many years to come.

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