The Flats at East Bank Apartments

The View: The Flats at East Bank Apartments

Going Metal in Cleveland’s Flats

the flats at east bank apartments

The Flats at East Bank offer luxury waterfront apartments in Cleveland. The premier Downtown location makes these apartments a destination for individuals looking for high-scale urban living but posed logistical issues for construction.

The project required 45,000 square feet of metal roofing and wall panels—and a qualified team with the experience to handle the enormity and challenge of the task. Warren Roofing® was the answer, and the Flats at East Bank project would be the largest sheet metal project in our company’s 100-year history.

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The Job

Metal Roof and Wall Panel Installation

Warren Roofing® was hired by our partner Engelke Construction Solutions, who served as the general contractor on the project, to handle the metal roofing and wall panel installation. The entire shell of the building—excluding only the windows and doors—was to be made of metal.

The Challenge

Working on the Waterfront

The first of several challenges was the timeline. This project was originally scheduled for the spring of 2020 and, due to COVID-19, was delayed to start in October 2020. Instead of working during the spring and summer as planned, Warren Roofing® and other service providers needed to work through the Cleveland winter. The harsh winds and temperatures along the lakefront were no small challenge for the crew as many days in February dropped below 20 degrees, but the team pushed and kept pace despite the weather.

The second challenge was the location. While the waterfront setting for the Flats at East Bank is beautiful, it posed a logistical problem. Warren Roofing® had to position and safely utilize several large articulating lifts, boom lifts, and scissor lifts—without disrupting nearby foot traffic or other contractors also trying to work on the project. Placing these lifts required significant coordination and management.

The final challenge was the sheer scope of the project. The expansive square footage of the building would require a high number of skilled field workers to get the job done. There was also very little storage space on the site, meaning that materials would need to be continually brought in. This was an ongoing challenge for field managers as they needed to stay on top of lead times and ensure that materials were supplied to the job site on time.

The Team

Commercial Roofing Crew

Project Manager: Nate Arp

Field Superintendent: Jim Reighard

Shop Supervisor: Todd Zilka

Lead Foreman: Paul Cordell


The Crew: In addition to the project manager, field superintendent, shop supervisor, and lead foreman, there was a team of 4–6 roofers and 10 sheet metal workers.

The Status: The project began in October 2020 and was completed in May 2021.

The Process

Standing Seam Metal Roof and Metal Wall Panel Installation

Warren Roofing® used two different systems for both the metal roof and metal wall panel installation process. The first stage of the process—handled by our crew of experienced roofers—began with installing insulation and attaching it to the metal roof deck. Metal sheeting was then installed over the insulation, and a three-quarter-inch plywood substrate was used for the panels. The finishing touch was the installation of a ridge cap and snow rail along all the gutter edges and eaves.

The next stage of the metal roof installation was handled by our crew of sheet metal workers. A standing seam metal roof consists of panels that run from one rake edge of the roof to the other. The team carefully and meticulously installed the panels, working end to end until the entire 45,000-square-foot surface area of the roof was covered.

The Results

Forward-Thinking Solutions

Warren Roofing® handled the logistical challenges of this project in stride, working hard to keep to the schedule despite periods of inclement weather. The difference in hiring Warren Roofing® as your commercial roofing contractor is the value we bring to other aspects of the project. Our team helped to facilitate many different facets of the job, such as coordinating carpenters, waterproofing specialists, plumbers, and other contractors. Our team is uniquely able to see problems where others cannot. This ability to detect issues that would otherwise go unnoticed saves the project from lost time down the road and keeps things moving forward.

The large scope and demands of this project required a team effort from the project manager and the field and shop supervisors. Lead foreman Paul Cordell was on the job site every day—expertly balancing logistical issues, motivating his workers, and managing the day-to-day operations. Notably, this was Paul’s last project before his retirement in April 2021—and we would say it was a great note to end his 30-year career on.

Our team is proud of our work on the Flats at East Bank, which is a centerpiece of the revitalized Downtown Cleveland waterfront. This experience showcased our team’s ability to tackle the most challenging of projects and deliver the highest quality of results—and elevate the success of the entire project in the process.

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