Tri-C Fire Training Center

The View: Tri-C Fire Academy Training Center

Fanning the Flames of Education

Tri-C Fire Training Center project folderCuyahoga Community College provides undergrad classes for those wanting to transfer to four-year colleges as well as vocational training for many careers that will give them jobs after completion of a two-year program. For their music recording program, that means learning on state-of-the-art equipment. For their nursing and EMT students, it means working in great facilities with partners from some of the best medical providers. For the Fire Academy, it means lighting buildings on fire and learning how to put them out! Their fire training facility needed a new rooftop, and they needed the team at Warren Roofing® to make it happen.

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The Job


Put a rooftop on the new construction at the Fire Training Academy.

The Challenge

Working in a Space Heater

The location where the construction of the new building was occurring was tight and small. There was limited room for any equipment to be brought on site, and getting materials to the roof would require an out-of-the-box solution. In addition to that, the firefighters spent more time on that roof than the average building occupant, so there needed to be a solution in place to protect the roof from the damage that could be caused by the foot traffic that would move across it.

The Team


Project Manager: John ArsenaJohn Arsena

The Crew: Four team members worked on the project

The Status: Job was started in May of 2019 and ended in September of 2019

The Process


The first thing that John and his team had to figure out was how to get materials in. Normally the team would bring a crane in for a simple lift to the roof. In this case, there just wasn’t enough roof to bring a crane in. The team decided to bring in a lull forklift to lift the materials into place. This worked and got the job done, but it was slow. This would be a tedious process, a real “slow burn” so to speak. But without the innovative team at Warren, putting a roof on this building wouldn’t be possible.

The roof was completed with Firestone roofing materials. It was also Firestone rubber products that would provide a solution for that foot traffic problem we mentioned earlier. After thinking about different solutions and trying to find one that would fit the building, John and the team decided to install rubber patio pavers on the roof to provide stepping stones to help save the roof from damage. The rubber would be durable and weather-resistant and help the roof last longer.

The Results


As a commercial roofer, the last thing you usually want to hear is that the building you and your team just put the roof on burned in a fire. In this case, nothing made us happier. Not only do fire safety students at the school get to use this facility, but it is also used to train local firefighter companies on techniques and provide them with live training that they can’t get in occupied buildings. We are glad that our roof is making a difference in Cleveland and impacting lives.

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