The Most Common Commercial Roof Problems

April 22nd, 2017

Our team has experience with Cleveland roofing.

While every roof is unique in material and age, there are some problems that are common to most commercial roofs over time. The following are some of the most common problems requiring a repair—and if they are caught early, they can usually be repaired before a more expensive issue occurs.

  • Roof leaks. Any leaking roof is of course a major problem, as water intruding on a building’s interior can cause significant damage to inventory or impact production. While you may think you can detect a leak only after water damage occurs, the trained eye of a roofing expert can recognize the problem before a water leak is visible—preventing serious damage.
  • Lack of proper maintenance. When a roof isn’t properly maintained, a number of issues can occur. An issue as minor as a tiny hole can lead to a major incident if left untreated. Some common problems resulting from a lack of maintenance include roof leaks, unfilled pitch pockets, and tenting or billowing.
  • Ponding water. Even a 1-inch pond of standing water on your roof poses a threat, as the weight can compromise the roof’s structural integrity. In some cases, this can cause a roof collapse. Ponding water can be addressed through the addition of drains or checking the flashings for signs of leaks.

If you suspect a problem with your roof, or it has been some time since the roof was thoroughly inspected by a professional roofer, give the team at Warren Roofing® a call to schedule an inspection. Taking preventative action now will protect your roof against more serious repairs down the line.