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April 20th, 2018

When Warren Roofing® Management talks about roofing, you can hear the passion.

Management at Warren Roofing® talk about roofing in a way that is uncharacteristic of what most people would expect. If you think that roofing is just laying down some membrane or patching up some holes, you’ve never talked to members of the Warren Roofing® team about what they do for a living.

It’s the kind of passion that you want from someone who is going to take your precious maintenance budget and turn it into a new or restored roof. You just know from talking to them that you’re dealing with professionals who want the job done right because they respect their craft.

Trevor CostTrevor Cost, owner and president of Warren Roofing® will be the first to tell you, “We are not scientists,” when discussing roofing technology. But when you listen to his and others at the company’s explanations for their roofing solutions … you quickly come to the conclusion that they possess the gift of understanding that comes from higher education, specialized training, and experience. They know their stuff … and their 96 years of continuous operation make this contractor very expert in a multitude of aspects of commercial roofing.

So when Warren Roofing® talks about Commercial Liquid Applied Roof Restoration Systems as the company’s customer oriented focus heading into 2018, it’s a good idea to take note! Warren’s managers make it clear that today’s trend towards environmentally sensitive solutions, durability, and versatility is tantamount. Trevor Cost’s company directive is “to help find solutions for customers that will save more existing roofs.” This philosophy is in contrast to the traditional approach of complete roof removal combined with membrane roof replacement.

John Vetrovsky

According to John Vetrovsky, Warren’s senior vice president, the idea behind Fluid Applied Restoration Systems is not new, but the products and execution have greatly improved. “There have been many liquid applied weatherproofing systems on the market in the past, but the earlier technology did not provide a finished product that is as durable as the product is today. Also, these newer products are far more compatible to existing roof substrates than earlier ones.”
Mr. Vetrovsky recalls, “We started using the liquid applied roof systems on small projects about 7 years ago. These initial projects were chosen because the roof areas being upgraded were difficult to access, challengingly shaped, and highly visibility. We did this work very cautiously.” Over the past seven years Warren improved application techniques and developed product understanding. At the same time manufacturers across the United States and Europe were in a race to develop better fluid applied products.

When asked if fluid applied roofing has a place on larger more expansive projects, Vetrovsky points to the recently completed roof on Quicken Loans Arena where, “We just completed a two year project with the Tremco Alpha Guard System that covers multiple roof areas and approximately 140,000sf.” This roofing project occurred while the Cleveland Cavaliers were involved in two NBA championship runs and during the time of the 2016 National Republican Party Convention. Vetrovsky reflects, “Fluid applied Alpha Guard was the perfect roofing solution for this highly visible, downtown city project.”

Environmentally clean and efficient product.

Trevor Cost summarizes “This project followed all good roofing practices and involved moisture scans, isolated wet roof removal, stringent wind uplift requirements, careful roof preparations, multiple layers of fluid applied membrane with reinforcement, and a slip resistant traffic surface … as well as worker, pedestrian, and traffic safety.”

Minimizing any unnecessary roofing removal, and maximizing the existing roof insulation was a huge factor in the success of the project. “The owner was able to avoid unnecessary dirt, noise, facility interference, and expense in the methodology we presented. We replaced an existing 20 year old membrane roof with a far more durable product at substantial savings to the owner,” Vetrovsky adds.

Fluid Applied Roofing Systems is just the tip of the resources and products that Warren Roofing® offers.

Between the weather and you since 1922 … If your company is looking for cost-effective roof maintenance or is looking for a possible alternative to a full tear-off and roof replacement, schedule an inspection with Warren Roofing®.

Trevor and the Warren Roofing® team combine to bring 96 years of uninterrupted roofing experience to Northeast Ohio.

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