Current Commercial Roofing Trends

April 21st, 2022

Current Commercial Roofing Trends

Warren Roofing® Keeps a Pulse on a Changing Industry

The roofing industry has come a long way since Warren Roofing® was founded in 1922. Asphalt shingles were invented around that time and were definitely a step up from clay tiles and thatched roofs. Today’s building owners have many choices for a roofing system, with high-quality materials available from manufacturers around the country. Warren Roofing® is committed to staying at the forefront of the industry so that we can deliver the best roofing systems available to our clients in Northeast Ohio. While some trends come and go, these are likely here to stay:

• Coatings are the future. Liquid applied roofing systems originated in Europe and took some time to rise in popularity in the United States. Unlike shingles, a liquid applied system is joint free, giving water less opportunity to infiltrate and cause leaks. Coatings are a great choice for a difficult installation and are easy to maintain.

• Drones are everywhere. We must admit that drones deliver some pretty cool aerial views of our projects—and we never tire of seeing that beautiful Cleveland skyline. But drones are useful for more than just photography: They give commercial roofers a close view of potentially hard-to-reach areas of the roof, helping teams investigate an issue safely from a distance before navigating the rooftop.

• Green roofing systems make an eco-friendly statement. Businesses in urban areas are opting for green roofs, which incorporate layers of vegetation and soil to allow for planting. This type of roof can offer energy savings by maintaining a cooler internal building temperature—and lower your company’s energy expenses. Adding solar panels to an existing roof is another popular option to reduce your carbon footprint.

• Preventative maintenance is key. Building owners are realizing that they can protect their investment by prioritizing regular roof maintenance. In some cases, this extends their warranty and the life of their roof. Our friends at Total Roofing Services are available for roof inspections and regular maintenance programs in Northeast Ohio.



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