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Our communities are filled with a diversity of schools. Some school buildings are new construction while others are aging or even historic, but most share one commonality—a flat roofing system. Because a school roof must span across a high square footage of hallways and classrooms, a flat roof design and construction make economic sense. However, flat roofs require ongoing maintenance to ensure that they are not damaged by sitting water, heavy loads of snow, or exposure to the elements in Northeast Ohio. When maintenance does not occur regularly, a school may prematurely need a new roofing system installation. This replacement becomes necessary when an existing system ages beyond its standard lifespan and requires a total roof replacement. If you need a reliable roofing solution for your school system, either repairs or replacements, reach out to the professional roofing technicians at Warren Roofing®.

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Warren Roofing® will determine the best option for your school’s flat roofing system based on your building’s construction and your location. We offer all types of popular flat roofing systems including the following:

No matter which option best serves your needs, flat roof installation from Warren Roofing® will provide durability, longevity, and leak resistance. Our flat roofing options work well in all seasons of weather and are low maintenance, making them ideal for Northeast Ohio schools.

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We understand that performing a roof installation on a school building often requires a tight timeframe for completion while students and teachers are offsite. Warren Roofing® is a reliable and dependable roofing contractor and will do everything it takes to complete your job on time and on budget. Let us know more about the scope of your project and find out how we can work together.

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