Federal Reserve Building Case Study

The View: The Federal Reserve Building

Federal Reserve Building, Downtown Cleveland


Warren Roofing Federal Reserve Case StudyThe Federal Reserve Building has been a staple in the Cleveland skyline since 1923. The iconic statues representing security and integrity that flank the front entrance have been the backdrop of many tourist photos along the way, and the Learning Center and Money Museum inside provides a wealth of information about the way our Federal Reserve system works.  The building is historic, and preserving the walls, ceilings and all of the contents stored inside means having a solid, well-sealed rooftop.  When it was time for some maintenance and restoration, the team from Warren Roofing was called into action.

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The Challenge: High Security Detail

As you can imagine, security around the Federal Reserve Building is tight.  There was initial paperwork for Warren Roofing to fill out which included details about the crew members ranging from their date of birth and social security numbers to previous work experience.  Once the paperwork was turned in, each crew member was subjected to a background check.  This was followed by having fingerprints taken, plus another round of security procedures including proper use of badges and ID cards.  And that’s just what it took to get started!

Every day, the crew had to have all equipment and tools inspected.  Normal tools like hammers are considered potential weapons by the staff at the Federal Reserve, so each tool had to be inspected and then put through an X-Ray unit before it could be taken into the building.  Even some of the materials had to be inspected because they are flammable.  Once inside, there were only certain areas that were made accessible to the crew, so it was tough to navigate and gain access to the roof. Logistics were a challenge, but the crew adapted and made it happen.

The Team:

Project Manager:
Aaron Chamberlain
Aaron Chamberlain The Crew:
2-3 crew members
The Status:
3 month job, completed in 2017.

The Process:

The roof itself was under warranty with the manufacturer Sarnafil, so the team had to use all Sarnafil brand products to complete the modifications. The job was complicated because of the age of the building.  There was old, lightweight concrete on the roof that had to be busted out and replaced.  The crew had to work around the contractor, and there were days when Warren Roofing could only have one or two team members on the roof because of the other work being done.

The Results:

The modifications were done on time and on budget, despite the difficult conditions the location presented.

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